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Well Done Rosie!

June 17, 2019

A huge congratulations to Rosie Jackson who completed a Triathlon at Blenheim for the Teddy Trust on the 2nd June.  Rosie raised an amazing £665 for the Trust in a time of 1 hour, 54 minutes and 5 seconds,  proudly wearing her Teddy Trust t-shirt. 


Rosie works as an account manager in her parents’ office furniture manufacturing business  and, having decided to set herself a challenge (!) of doing a Triathlon had just four weeks to prepare for the swimming, running and cycling event.


Rosie says that, having heard about the Teddy Trust from one of our Trustees, Sandy Douglas, she decided to support our ‘great charity’ as a wonderful cause that might often be overlooked.


Needless to say, we are very grateful to Rosie for her superb effort on our behalf.  The money she raised will help to fund further shipments of teddies this year to children all around the world who so desperately need the comfort they can bring.

June 06, 2019

The lovely pupils and teachers at Silverbirch Usk Primary School are helping us collect teddies, and have very kindly shared a video with us. Watch it now!

More lovely teddies! A message from Ellie

Last week we had boxes of lovely teddies from Katie and Emma and Ruth and Michael, who wrote a lovely poem,  and other soft cuddly animals arrive at the Teddy Trust headquarters.  They were absolutely gorgeous and we are so very grateful for your continued support and kindness.  Every one of these is sent with love and compassion and we send them on to children who are in such need of something to give them a little comfort in their otherwise very bleak lives.  Most of the children we send to have suffered the most appalling trauma and very often, a soft cuddly teddy that they can love and cherish is the only thing they have to call their own.


However, this week we were very disappointed to receive a lot of stuff that we feel would insult these children if we ever sent it – please see picture.  Our message is very clear:  we send only soft cuddly benign teddies and other animals.  We do not send dolls, knitted toys, branded toys, monsters, nylon pillows, pigs, teddies with mechanisms inside, anything that makes a noise, key rings and general junk that nobody wants.  It costs us time and money to get rid of this stuff and it costs you time and money to send it to us.  We do not have the capacity to store it and dispose of it as all donations are used for shipping and customs charges.  Around 50% of what we receive on a weekly basis we have to discard somehow.


So please, do have a look at photos on the website – – and read the messages that come directly from the organisations we support around the world and how much it means to them to be able to give a child a lovely teddy, and send us only what you would consider appropriate for a suffering child.  If in doubt, send us a photo before you post anything and we can let you know if it’s the sort of thing that we love to send on.


Please keep them coming as we are about to announce our next big shipment and don’t forget the donate button where you can donate for these shipments through our secure link with CAF – the Charities Aid Foundation.


Thank you so much,



We've been sent some lovely teddies!

May 17, 2019

Some really lovely teddies that came in to the Teddy Trust HQ today from Kate of the Loving Hands Craft for Charity organisation, also from Megan and another Kate who both sent us exactly what we love.  Thank you all so very much, they are packed and ready to go to new homes abroad very shortly.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Everyone needs a Teddy!

April 13, 2019

Hours after his birth, Breeze was found stumbling around by a farmer. The new-born foal had been abandoned by his mother so the farmer took him to the Devon-based Mare and Foal Sanctuary where they cared for him. What happened next is heart-warming. One of the staff put a four-foot giant Teddy Bear called Buttons into the stall with Breeze. The foal was instantly attracted to him. He had found a comforting replacement for his mother. The two are inseparable. The caregivers expect Breeze to be fine, thanks to the farmer who rescued him and to those who cared enough to take this little Cutie in.

Big No No's

March 31, 2019

This is an appeal to you to please, please stop sending us these sorts of toys.  We are absolutely inundated with things we cannot send to traumatised children and it takes up a huge amount of time sorting and then trying to find outlets for this sort of stuff.  We currently reject over 60% of what we receive and we are now constrained in terms of space for storage.


Many of you are sending us the most beautiful, soft cuddly teddies and other animals which we are so grateful for and which we are so happy to send to suffering children.  These children have nothing, and very often, when we give them a soft, wonderful teddy it’s the only thing they have to call their own and that teddy becomes very important in a shattered life.


So please, when you decide to support us, follow our guidelines on the website – – about what we can and cannot send and remember that it has to be soft and benign, clean and in good condition with nothing that makes a noise, no bells etc, as very often a child has to run and hide quickly and if teddy makes a noise – well it doesn’t bear thinking about!  A child also needs to be able to carry a teddy, especially if they are on the move.  We cannot send monsters, snakes, animals with metal inside, damaged or dirty teddies, dolls, knitted toys, cars, one eyed things, nylon toys, pillows, no branded toys etc.  Just soft, cuddly benign teddies and other soft, cuddly benign animals please.  And they need to be between 8” and 15” to be a nice cuddly armful!  If you’re in doubt then do contact us through the website and send us a photo and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


There are lots of photos on the website of what we send so thank you for your continuing support and help.  We do so much appreciate your kindness in sending us lovely teddies.

More Arrivals!

March 02, 2019

Huge thanks to Paula Isbell and her wonderful team at DHL for collecting around 2,500 teddies and sending them down to us last Wednesday.  Paul the driver arrived in a huge lorry full of boxes so we have a lot of sorting to do next week.  We are so very grateful for the continued support of companies like DHL who help with our teddy collections.


Also many more lovely cuddly teddies arrived this week with several messages including a box covered in yellow hearts with lots of very sweet messages for the children we send to and a beautiful little puppy – he is soooo gorgeous -  that came from Vivien with a little star and message attached.  Thank you so very much – we just love these soft cuddly animals and teddies that arrive.  They are just perfect for us to send to suffering children around the world.  We’re waiting for more photos to come from our latest deliveries and will post them as soon as we receive them

Our surprise delivery

February 06, 2019

This week a lovely man delivered 1000 teddies to B&Q. It took us a while to figure out that these teddies had kindly been donated by Abbie Forletta who worked along side Streetbrook Infant and Early Years Academy, Blossomfield Infant and Sharmans Cross Junior School. 

The staff were very excited as this is the largest donation we have received all in one go! From left to right its Gill, Jackie, Helen and June. So a huge thank you to all involved! They will be sorted next week. 

New Arrivals

January 31, 2019

More lovely cuddly teddies and soft animals arriving last week – they are all now packed and ready to go to children around the world and will be much loved.  Thank you so much – these are just what we want!! 

And we improvised with a ‘chute’ to get boxes of teddies down the stairs at our new premises and onto a pallet for shipment to Kurdistan.  It saved us going up and down with each box!!

More on South Africa!!

December 26, 2018

Volunteers run a soup kitchen to feed the homeless ‘bush’ children in Hangberg, the harbour area of Hout Bay, Cape Town.  They feed the children three times a week using out of date but still good-to-eat ingredients donated by local supermarkets and they also hold a Christmas party each year.   They were worried the party would have to be cancelled this year as they had no gifts for the children. That problem was solved using some more of the bears The Teddy Trust had sent to the Rotary Club Hout Bay. 


Once in the hands of the children the bears enthusiastically joined in the singing and dancing and it was a very special event especially considering how tough life is for these children every single day.

New Neighbours!

December 26, 2018

We’ve had a huge number of teddies sent out in the past few weeks as we had to move premises and didn’t want to take them with us!  So around 6000 were sent to children in Iraq, Kurdistan, South Africa and camps in Greece.  And here are some of the photos that we have received back.  As I write yet more photos are coming in from South Africa with very heart warming messages from Rotary who are administering the teddies.


And now our move is complete!  Its been a hectic time for us all at the Teddy Trust and everyone has worked so hard to get the teddies out with more arriving every day.  But we are now safely ensconced at Dales in Leominster where we’ve been given several lovely rooms to store and pack our teddies.  This is through the huge generosity of Steven and Eva Dale who love what we do and have offered us this lovely space for our work to continue.  And B&Q who are opposite Dales have agreed to allow their address to be used for our deliveries.  We are hugely indebted to both companies for their generous support and help.


So our new address for all deliveries of teddies is:  B&Q, Mill Street, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8EF.  Please make sure you mark the parcel to the Teddy Trust.


Thank you all of you who have held on to your teddies which has allowed us to get all the ones we had in stock out.  And thank you so much for your continuing support and help.

Santa Delivers Teddies to the kids in South Africa

December 14, 2018

These Teddies were sent out to Hout Bay Rotary Club, who kindly distributed nearly 250 teddy bears to children from a local informal settlement where the children face extreme difficulty and hardship resulting in the children and their parents having very little. As always the generosity of our Teddy Trust donors is much appreciated and those who helped distribute the teddies have the trusts praise and thank yous. 

 "Some 250 teddy bears just found new homes after the year end event at the Main Road Clinic in Hout Bay. Rotary and Lions worked together to provide a goodie bag for each child containing a teddy bear, fruit juice, an orange, a lollipop and some popcorn and they were handed an ice lolly after getting there bag from Santa"

Edna - rescued and ready for her new life!

December 11, 2018

Graham Cornick who runs Hydestyle Wildlife Hospital in Godalming with his wife Lyn do the most amazing work rescuing wildlife and Graham found this little teddy buried up to his neck in rubbish at their local tip.  So he took him home and washed him and Rosa, one of their volunteers has given him a new home and has renamed him Edna!  Just the sort of story we love.  And little Edna has a new purpose in life.  Isn't she cute!

Teddies distributed in Greece and Iraq. Look at those smiles!

December 01, 2018

These photos are of the shipments we sent in November reaching children in Greece and Iraq.


Greece - the Hope Project run by Philippa and Eric Kempson - the Teddy Trust shipped thousands of teddies in November.


Iraq - One And All Aid organised by Shelley Meister - the Yazidi children are in camps and desperate for a little comfort through the winter.


You can see by their faces that we can bring a little joy into their lives with the simple gift of a teddy. 


Thanks to Burgoynes for their transport and for Omar from Sordinan Transport who take the teddies to Iraq for us.


Ellie xx

Pallets on their way to Yazidi.

November 28, 2018

The final two pallets are packed and on their way to the Yazidi refugee camp.

Our wonderful volunteers prepare a pallet for Greece

November 23, 2018

A note from Ellie.... 

I just wanted to thank everyone for the huge effort and hard work with getting the three pallets sorted and packed and ready to go down to Faraday in Cornwall and on to Greece.  I was so touched and impressed by your sheer grit and determination to get it all done.  Those pallets are not easy to do and June had done a fantastic job of organising them.  It was cold, and wet and physically very hard and you all worked so cheerfully without a single moan and I just kept thinking what a wonderful team we have and how brilliantly you just get on with the job.  Thank you so very much.    I can’t believe how far we’ve come just in this year alone and when we see the photos of the children getting their lovely teddies, I know the work that has gone in getting them there and that its been done with huge commitment and love and compassion by you all.


Please read this important note from Ellie - The Teddy Trust is relocating.

November 05, 2018

These have all come in this week and are now packed and ready to go to their new homes.  Big thanks to everyone who sends us lovely teddies.  We do so appreciate it and love to see the teddies when they arrive with us.  These ones are all very special and just the sort of teddies and soft toys we love to send on.


The first pic is from the Drumlough Presbyterian church in Northern Ireland – they sent us two lovely boxes of beautiful teddies as you can see from the photo.


The second one is from Hannah and Zander with a lovely letter too.


And the third comes from Akiko, Kei and Ellie – some of these teddies have travelled from Japan so are very special and will now travel again.


The fourth photo is three pallets of teddies that have arrived this week in Birmingham ready to be shipped out to children from the Yazidi community in camps in Iraq where we have sent teddies before and we know they will be loved and cherished by the children there.


The Teddy Trust is on the move and going to a new home just down the road from where we have been for the last three years.  Its very exciting for us but we have a lot to do before Christmas so would appreciate it if you can hold on to your teddies until the new year.  We are getting as many teddies out as we can and shipments are going to Iraq, Kurdistan, South Africa  and Greece this month so that we can reduce the number of teddies we have to move when we go to our new storage premises. 


The delivery address will be the same as before at Kingsland Post Office.


Many thanks,

Ellie xx

Iraq, Kurdistan, South Africa and Greece - your teddies are ready to go

October 24, 2018

Punching above their weight as always, the hardworking volunteers of the Teddy Trust put in an extra effort yesterday to pack four pallets stacked high with boxes containing over 2,000 teddies ready to bring comfort to children in Iraq, Kurdistan, South Africa and Greece.

Well done Teddy volunteers, what you achieve is truly amazing!

More lovely teddies ...

October 16, 2018

The four sweet fellows on the upper left came with a lovely lwetter from Emilia and Felicity Tyler and on the uppe3r right those that Liz Macmillan very kindly sent with other teddies that belonged to her late mother.


The cuddly people on the bottom left arrived safely. Sadly we couldn’t read the name of the kind sender!!

On the bottom right we see a few from a big box of lovely teddies sent by L. Tatam. Thank you so much.

Syrian Refugees on Lesvos get Teddies

October 05, 2018

We’ve had several more lovely photos from our friend Philippa on Lesvos the Greek island where there are thousands of refugee children from Syria.  I know how thrilled some of them were to get teddies from us and the photos speak for themselves so thank you again all our lovely supporters.


We’ve just sent another load of teddies off to Kurdistan and the Yazidi children so hopefully they’ll arrive shortly and be given to children who so need a little friend to cuddle!


I think you’ll agree that it makes it all so well worth it when you see the lovely photos of happy children.


Many thanks,


Ellie xx

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