Thank you for sending your teddies and friendly, soft, cuddly animals.  They make such a difference to the children who receive them. 

Here are some photos of your donations.

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greece 2 nov 2018
greece 1 nov 2018
Iraq honey 2
Iraq honey 2018
20181113 from Lizz and Marianne
20181106 Drumlough Presbyterian church i
20181102 Thanks Geraldine
20181106 from Hannah and Zander
20181106 from Akiko, Kei and Ellie
20181008 from L Tatam
20181018 from an unknown sender
20181018 From Olie Leo and mum
20181018 these and others from Liz
20181018 From Jessica
20181018 from Emilia and Felicity
20180803 This gorgeous rabbit was sent b
20180803 Ella sent us these beautiful so
20180803 cheerful chaps came from Jane
20180721 From Chris and Penney
20180719 June from the Hope Now Trust collecting teddies for the Ukraine!
20180719 June and Brian loading for the Ukraine!
20180719 More from Terri and Polly
20180719 Great teddies sent by Terri and Polly
20180713 From Hilary
20180713 from the Brolly family
20180713 From Natasha and her family
20180713 from the Harvey family
20180704 Thank you James and Brownie group at the Teddy Bears Picnic
20180704  Thank you Tanya for these cuddly soft toys
20180704 sent by Claire and her family
20180704  thank you to the Van du Veen family
20180704 from Carla, thank you so much
20180625 These friendly teddies were sent by Liz Bamber
20180625 FROM LIZ
20180625 Diana posted these extremely cuddly bears to us recently
20180625 Nathan delivered 1,515 teddies from Wiggan this morning collected by Katie aged 14
 20180620 Thank you Gemma from Surrey for sending us your lovely teddies
20180620 Thank you Sam for parting with these teddies so they can travel to a new home, and good luc
 20180620 These cute teddies have come from Alison , and we thank you so much for also donating via
20180620 These lovely chaps were kindly sent by Megan
20180620 Nate and Deborah sent these gorgeous chaps
20180620 The Berridge family kindly sent these bears to us
20180620 These lovely chaos have been sent by Granny Annie
20180620 Anne Marie sent these special bears who used to belong to her grandmother
20180620 Four lovely chaps from the Bartlett family
20180620 More gorgeous bears sent by the Bartlett family. Thank you so much
20180620 Some lovely teddies kindly collected snd sent by Kimbolton Primary School
Thanks Harriet for sending these lovely soft teddies!
Sammy and Helen with teddies for Iraq
These lovely chaps were kindly sent by Megan
20180530 Cala - Thank you!
20180530 From Denise
20180530 Rebecca Thak you
20180530 From Diane
20180530 Thank you Potter family
20180530 Maria Thank you
20180530 Lovely friends from Norean
20180512 These teddies came from St Albans with Jen today
20180501teddies  from Dudley today on behalf of Hinks Haulage
20180424 Tara and Evan delivered teddies collected in Greenwich!
20180426 from Charlotte, aged eight
Lowri, with teddies from her Bevers
20180411 This cheerful pair came with others from Maddie
20180501teddies  from Dudley today on behalf of Hinks Haulage
20180411 donated by Rylie
20180411 These bears became lonely when Isobel and Georgina grew up
20180411 Kathleen sent a great number of beautiful bears made by her aunt
20180411 Liz and her children sent these
20180413 Annaliesee and 450 teddies from St Peter's School in St Albans_edited
20180411 Some of the lovely teddies sent by Victoria
20180412 Lucy sent us these two great characters
Mandy and Tim thank you!
Thanks Drop more infant school
Scarlett Ebony and Ruby
From London
From Lily Eliza and Celia
Thanks to Karen Baissa and her son
Dropmore Infant School and their friends
Lydia Holwas thank you!
Danielle Laura thank you!
Sweet teddies sent by Caroline
Hillside Avenue Primary - thank you.
20171116 from Kathryn
20171116 Thanks Paula and Miley
20171106 3rd Kidderminster Rainbows
20171101 Thank you Alex and Cameron
20171101 Thank you Ellis and Quincy
20171030 Perfect teddy from Debbie and Emily
20170920 From Abigail, Adam, Sebastian and Elliot who are moving to Africa
20170920 From Jo Stead - beautiful bears with name tags and kind messages
Claire Hope delivered teddies from Cheshire
Maids Moreton Church of England School PTA
20-170705 Thanks Nikki Cook and daughters!
20170705 Lovely teddies from Northern Ireland
20170705 From C. Gregory
20170614 Thank you Sandra
Trisha and Sam brought teddies from Essex
20170521 Anna and Richard arrived with lots of teddies

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