Teddies we love (and some we don't!)

Most of the children we send to have suffered the most appalling trauma and very often, a soft cuddly teddy that they can love and cherish is the only thing they have to call their own.


We are often disappointed to receive a lot of stuff that we feel would insult these children if we ever sent it – please see picture.  Our message is very clear:  we send only soft cuddly benign teddies and other animals.  We do not send dolls, knitted toys, branded toys, monsters, nylon pillows, pigs, teddies with mechanisms inside, anything that makes a noise, key rings and general junk that nobody wants.  It costs us time and money to get rid of this stuff and it costs you time and money to send it to us.  We do not have the capacity to store it and dispose of it as all donations are used for shipping and customs charges.

Around 50% of what we receive on a weekly basis we have to discard somehow.


So please, do have a look at photos on the website and read the messages that come directly from the organisations we support around the world and how much it means to them to be able to give a child a lovely teddy, and send us only what you would consider appropriate for a suffering child.  If in doubt, send us a photo before you post anything and we can let you know if it’s the sort of thing that we love to send on.


Please keep them coming as we are about to announce our next big shipment and don’t forget the donate button where you can donate for these shipments through our secure link with CAF – the Charities Aid Foundation.


Thank you so much,



Teddy Trust Registered Charity Number: 1164044 email: theteddytrust@gmail.com