The Teddy Trust is dependent on fundraising to cover the ever increasing  cost of shipping teddies to the children who so desperately need the comfort they bring.  If you can help us with fundraising please contact us.


Your donation is appreciated, whether it be teddies or cash, we thank you!

Ship us your teddies and soft, friendly, cuddly animals. If you scroll down you will see the types of teddies and cuddlies we send. It's a breeze using DropPoint's economical shipping.  Take a look at the details on our How to Send Teddies page and ship your teddies to:


        The Teddy Trust, c/- B&Q, Mill Street, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8EF


Or bring your teddies and soft, friendly, cuddly animals to one of the Drop-off points listed.
How to Send Teddies.


We are always looking to expand our drop-off network, so if you would like to set up a local collection point in your area, please email or visit our Facebook page.  We will help you every step of the way.


Spread the word!


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A note from the team

We are so very grateful to you for continuing to support the Teddy Trust by sending some wonderful teddies and soft animals which, as you know, we send to abused and traumatised children around the world.
However, we receive a lot of toys which are not suitable for traumatised children and goes against our intention of sending teddies and other comforting soft animals.  We know it can be costly to send us these toys and we respectfully ask that you send only ones that you think can be given to comfort a suffering child.
So please - no key rings, snakes, monsters, toys, dolls, cars, bags, fluffy pillows etc.  We also cannot send teddies with large batteries in them due to security and customs.  
The Teddy Team

No thanks... please don't send knitted/crocheted toys, dolls, games or any other toys.
Yes please... please do send friendly, cuddly, soft animals and teddies that are clean and in good condition. Just like these lovely cuddlies!

Teddy Trust Registered Charity Number: 1164044 email: