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Please keep sending us your teddies and soft, friendly, cuddly toys.

December 2017:  Children in Syria receive teddies we sent in September 2017.  Thank you to the  Syria Relief and Development organisation for these heart warming photos.

December 2017:  South Africa

Dr Rhine de Villiers with teddy bears and soft toys for the Forensic Unit at Victoria!

December 2017:  South Africa

Teddy Bear party with the children of Khyalitsha.

December 2017:  The Teddy Trust couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift than these lovely cards from children in South Africa.

November 2017:  Teddies are in France, en route to Kilis, Turkey and children from Syria.

Teddies being loaded for children at refugee schools in Kilis in Turkey

October 2017:  Arthur from Hope Carriers Trust takes teddies to children in need in Romania in time for Christmas.

Ellie says thank you to Arthur and goodbye to teddies destined for children in need in Romania.

October 2017:  These teddies each have their own story lovingly written by their owners. 

Lin Pedrick will take this gorgeous collection to South Africa in January 2018 where it is hoped they will stay together in a school or crisis centre.

August 2017:  Sea Point Rotary distributed Teddies in the Cape Town townships.

Happy children with their new teddies in  South Africa.

August 2017:  10,000 Teddies off to Syria!  Thanks to all who donated their much loved soft toys.  Thanks also to KMB Shipping.

An emotional goodbye to 10,000 teddies.

April 2017:  Ellie Target is accompanied by Kevin Jones, KMB Shipping, to receive Points of Light Award at Number 10!

A memorable day at No. 10.

Early 2017:  Teddies welcomed in Syria! 

Teddy Trust's shipment of Teddies sent in autumn 2016, was finally delivered into Syria by Syria Relief & Development volunteers in early 2017.

February 2017:  300 teddies sent to Romania, courtesy of the Hope Carriers Trust.

Arthur Etheridge - Hope Carriers Trust takes delivery a shipment of teddies bound for Romania.

December 2016: Teddies to Khayelitsha, South Africa.  

Lin and Ian Pedrick personally deliver teddies to Khayelitsha pre-school in January 2017.

June 2016: 500 teddies to Zimbabwe and Butah - courtesy Physionet.  

May 2016: 500 teddies to Romania.  

April 2016: 500 teddies to Yazidi community, Kurdistan.  

Children in Kurdistan receiving their teddies.

2015 - 10,000 teddies sent to Syria.

Teddies received in Syria - Photo courtesy of Syrian Relief and Development

The Teddy Trust sent over 20,000 teddies to children in distress in Syria, Turkey, South Africa and Kenya during 2015.

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