HELP US SEND TEDDY NUMBER 100,000 UPDATE - We are so close to our 100,000th Teddy!!

Last week, we had so many great teddies, we packed 800 ready for shipment to Syria. Thank you so much to you all for sending them in. We have unfortunately still had a large number of teddies that we cannot accept (around 600 last week), so please make sure you check the pages on the website for what we need. 


With your help we will be able to send 10,000 teddies to Syria on the 27th of November, this will include our 100,000th Teddy! The timing of this is perfect for the teddies to arrive with the children we support by Christmas.

Thank you to all who send us such wonderful teddies and soft cuddly animals.  I can’t tell you how much love and joy they bring to us as we pack them knowing that you send them with compassion and your love for the children who lead such bleak lives. 


Please keep them coming as after Syria what you send us will go to children in one of the other countries we supply.


   Sending Teddies to traumatised and displaced children  

What's new with the teddy trust?

Thank you to Paradigm Norton!

As you know, we are run entirely by volunteers and  rely on our own fundraising and public donations that come in through our website to be able to ship our precious teddies to children in war torn situations and deprived areas of the world.  


So imagine how thrilled we were to be contacted recently by a company called Paradigm Norton Financial Planning Ltd who are based in Bristol offering to put the Teddy Trust forward for one of their grants.  They had come across our website and really liked what we do and were keen to help.  A few weeks later and lovely Katie Wright has sent us a donation of £750 from the company. 


This is a large amount for us to receive and will help to pay for the container to Syria next month.  We are so grateful to Katie and Paradigm Norton for their wonderful support and send our thanks and best wishes to all at the company who are also collecting teddies for us!!

You can visit their website here.

We're three quarters of the way to our next shipment!

Last week we had the most wonderful deliveries of teddies and soft cuddly animals and you surpassed yourselves!  A huge thank you to the very kind person who took several black bin liners tied up with string and carefully labelled to B&Q in Leominster.  It was just wonderful to open every bag and to get so many lovelies in each one that we could send to the children of Syria.  And also a huge thank you to everyone else who sent us the most beautiful teddies – lots of little letters came from some of you – we read every one and try and respond when we get an email address from you.  You touched our hearts with every lovely teddy that you sent and they are now packed and ready to go next month.


We do still get many things that we can’t send so do please read the website before you send to stop you wasting your time and money and ours.  There are lots of lovely pictures of teddies and soft cuddly animals that we are very happy to receive and send on and also photos of things that upset us when we receive them!  Please remember that the children we send to have nothing of their own and have gone through the most appalling traumas and so our aim is to send them one very special teddy or soft cuddly animal that will bring them comfort and perhaps a little healing.  A broken, dirty monster, pillow, doll, etc will not bring that comfort and healing.


We now have around 7,500 teddies packed and ready to be shipped to Syria next month so we need another 2,500 to get to our promise of 10,000.  And don’t forget, that will then take us to our target for the year of reaching 100,000 children with a cuddly teddy since we first started around 7 years ago.  So please let your friends, family and neighbours and local schools know about us and help us spread the word.

BBC discovered the healing power of teddy!

We are a charity that sends thousands of soft toys to children living in war zones is preparing to dispatch our 100,000th bear.

We were started seven years ago in Leominster, Herefordshire, and now send cuddly toys to children in 15 countries.

We hope to send the next batch of 10,000 teddies to Syria in September.

We've been featured recently on the BBC. View the site.

Well Done Rosie!

A huge congratulations to Rosie Jackson who completed a Triathlon at Blenheim for the Teddy Trust on the 2nd June.  Rosie raised an amazing £665 for the Trust in a time of 1 hour, 54 minutes and 5 seconds,  proudly wearing her Teddy Trust t-shirt. 


Rosie works as an account manager in her parents’ office furniture manufacturing business  and, having decided to set herself a challenge (!) of doing a Triathlon had just four weeks to prepare for the swimming, running and cycling event.


Rosie says that, having heard about the Teddy Trust from one of our Trustees, Sandy Douglas, she decided to support our ‘great charity’ as a wonderful cause that might often be overlooked.


Needless to say, we are very grateful to Rosie for her superb effort on our behalf.  The money she raised will help to fund further shipments of teddies this year to children all around the world who so desperately need the comfort they can bring.

Silverbirch Usk CiW School Are Helping Us Collect Teddies!

The Silverbirch Usk Church in Wales School have supported their pupils in doing a lovely video to go along with their drive to collect teddies to send to disadvantaged and abused children around the world.

Thank You!

We've received the gorgeous teddies in the little gallery to the left in the last couple of weeks.

It means so much to all of us at The Teddy Trust that families and children in the UK are so generous with your precious teddies.


These teddies will make their way to children in need in Syria in the autumn.


Thank you so much



For more photos, see our gallery.

Teddies in Cape Town

We've had a lovely note and a couple of pictures from one of our supporters in Cape Town.

Dear Ellie,


One of our Rotary members Arifa Parkar handed out some teddies to children at Starling Primary School in Athlone a suburb of Cape Town.


The children as you can see in the attached photos,  were delighted to receive them.


Many thanks

Kind regards


Thank you everyone that continues to give your precious soft cuddly teddies to us. They really do bring joy and comfort to children around the world and thank you Gavin for making it happen!

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